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Inked by Chloe

Sternum Botanical Flower Tattoo


I am specialized in botanica, floral, watercolor, and nature-themed tattoos. Depending on the desired style, I can work with the fine line technique to create soft micro details, as well as the brushwork/watercolor technique to achieve a more stylish and strong contrast. Of course, I can create a piece with a style that falls anywhere in between.

I work with both black & grey or color. Most of my tattoos are done using the freehand method. If you would like to have a design custom-made for you beforehand, please learn more about my bespoke process.


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Bespoke tattoo

Custom design  

Custom design  

Custom design  


Freehand tattoo

Custom design  

Custom design  

Custom design  


XI Originals


Born and raised in Northern China, I have developed my love for art since the age of 5 and have trained as an illustrator for more than a couple decades. I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2012 to pursue my passion for drawing in the form of animation while attending Emily Carr University. During my undergraduate studies, I established a passion for the human body and its significance in expressing one's identity and spirit. After graduation, I decided to pursue this passion via temporary tattoos using henna paste and jagua gel. After pursuing temporary tattooing, I was offered an tattoo apprenticeship to pursue permanent tattooing as an art form. I have been tattooing since September 2019.

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