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Inked By Chloe


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I offer fine line tattooing, which is different in comparison to a traditional tattoo. Fine line tattoos utilize a single needle and three round liners emphasizing form and outline over color, shading, and texture. These tattoos have incredible levels of detail built-in and create softer lines allowing for more options in the design process. If you're going to have a permanent piece of art on your body, why not make it the highest quality.


Including tax


Bespoke tattoo

Custom design  

Custom design  

Custom design  


Freehand tattoo

Custom design  

Custom design  

Custom design  


Flash tattoo

Effective for all new projects starting August 01/22


Born and raised in Northern China, I have developed my love for art since the age of 5 and have trained as an illustrator for more than a couple decades. I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2012 to pursue my passion for drawing in the form of animation while attending Emily Carr University. During my undergraduate studies, I established a passion for the human body and its significance in expressing one's identity and spirit. After graduation, I decided to pursue this passion via temporary tattoos using henna paste and jagua gel. After pursuing temporary tattooing, I was able to meet Mackenzie Evanjeline who offered to train me in the art of permanent tattooing. I have since been tattooing under The Northern Tattoo collective and I am excited to share my passion and work with the world.

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