Flash Tattoo Form

This includes two free touch-ups (does not expire). Flashes still have an initial time investment for creating the art similar to custom tattoos. Rate example: If It takes 5 hours to tattoo it, you are charged the tattoo hours (4 x 200= $800 for an original piece) minus the deposit you already paid to book the session. My flashes tend to not take more than 4 hours on average depending on the size that's requested. Usually, a more detailed piece will take longer to tattoo, see my tattoo FAQ page for more information.

Hourly Rate *including tax* : 

$200/ hour for original flashes (single sale)

$175/ hour for repeatable flashes

Initial Deposit

In order to confirm a booking, an initial deposit equal to the first hour is required unless the piece is greater than 6 x 6 inches (see the paragraph below for information on large pieces). Deposits cover the administration fee, and booking fee for all my pieces and are therefore non-refundable. Your deposit goes towards the first hour of your tattoo session unless you choose to cancel. Please note that deposits cannot be transferred to another piece, for example changing your flash session to a custom piece.

Large tattoo deposits (full sleeve, full back, leg sleeve):

For pieces larger than 6 x 6 inches, a deposit for 50% of the lowest estimated value is required (this will go towards the total cost of the tattoo). For example: If you requested a full sleeve the estimated time to complete a full sleeve is 4 to 6 sessions (6-8 hours each), in this case, the deposit would cover the first 3-4 sessions and you would only pay the remaining time that was required to complete the piece. Large pieces like this can have an initial time investment of up to 40 hours for just the design which is why I require more upfront for reserving it.


You can only refund the deposit for flash pieces larger than 6 x 6 inches within one week's notice. This refund doesn't include the administration fee which is still non-refundable.

What if I change my mind about what flash I want?

For flashes, you can change to a different flash once if it is still available or repeatable. However, if the new flash is going to take more time to tattoo (larger / more detailed), you may need to schedule additional sessions and the quote will increase.

Flash Tattoo inquiry form

This form is only for inquiries and you will not be charged or booked at this time. I use this form to provide an accurate quote. You can see my flashes on my Instagram flash highlight reel.

What type of flash is it?