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Freehand Tattoo Form

Hourly Rate *including tax*:  $230/ hour 

  • Suitable for individuals who have seen my work (check out my Instagram) and are comfortable with not seeing the final design before the tattoo session starts. This allows me to keep the cost down and provide more tattoos in my limited schedule.

  • Design is roughly drawn with surgical markers then details added after.

Initial Deposit

In order to confirm a booking, an initial deposit of $100 is required unless the piece is estimated to be greater than 6 x 6 inches (see the paragraph below for information on large pieces). Deposits cover the administration fee, and booking fee for all my pieces and are therefore non-refundable. Your deposit goes towards the first hour of your tattoo session unless you choose to cancel. Please note that deposits cannot be transferred to another piece, for example changing your freehand session to a custom piece.

Large tattoo deposits (full sleeve, full back, leg sleeve):

For multi session projects, multiple deposits of $100 each are required.


A large freehand piece will require 1 - 3 hours to stencil and the first session will be only linework to prevent having to re-draw the stencil.


You can only refund the deposit for multi session freehand pieces if you decide to cancel the sessions a week (7 days) in advance. This refund doesn't include the $100 administration fee which is still non-refundable.

Freehand before & after examples:

Freehand Tattoo inquiry form

This form is only for inquiries and you will not be charged or booked at this time. I use this form to provide an accurate quote. Please note that I will not book a freehand tattoo that I am not confident with. If your tattoo idea makes more sense in a custom format, I will suggest booking a custom tattoo once my books open.
I specialize in floral-based freehand.

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