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Booking for Spring/Summer 2024

Hourly Rate: 

$300/ hour - Bespoke tattoos (Currently Fully Booked)

  • Up to a 30 minute zoom call.

  • Limited availability (1 per month).

  • Bottomless edits (last edit must be submitted 72 hours before the tattoo day. If any edits are submitted with shorter notice, the appointment will be rescheduled in order for the adjustments to be made. If any edits are submitted within 48 hours, another deposit will be needed to reschedule the appointment).

  • Fully drawn art is provided afterwards.

  • Suitable for people who want to work with an artist closely. The process is more involved for the client.

$230/ hour - Freehand tattoos

  • Suitable for individuals who have seen my work (check out my Instagram) and are comfortable with not seeing the final design before the tattoo session starts. This allows me to keep the cost down and provide more tattoos in my limited schedule.

  • Design is roughly drawn in with surgical markers then details added after. Learn more

$200/ hour - XI Originals

  • Pre-drawn designs inspired by my everyday encounters and thoughts.

Bespoke Tattoo Full

Touch ups

All my tattoos come with two free touchups. Although not everyone will need a touchup, they are a great way to refresh little details that fallout over longer periods of time, offer peace of mind, and make sure you receive a guaranteed perfect tattoo (for life). The technique and needle count used in my tattoos differs from traditional tattooing. This is because I use a smaller needle count. With this, I can create extremely fine lines and details in my tattoos. However, because I am packing less ink and using a smaller needle count, less ink is ultimately being added to the skin resulting in a softer feel. During the healing process, the body tries to remove the ink as a foreign substance. While I could just pack more ink or use a larger needle count, this would come at the cost of the little details and emotion you see in my work. Too little pigmentation can be fixed, too much cannot.

Please note that any requests for alteration in shades and colour after a tattoo is healed count as additional work, not a touch up. Touch ups are only to restore lost pigment.

Initial Deposit

In order to confirm a booking, an initial deposit equal to $100 for flash/freehand or $200 for Bespoke is required unless the the tattoo is expected to take more than one session (see the paragraph below for information on large pieces). Deposits cover the administration fee, and booking fee for all my pieces and are therefore non-refundable. Your deposit goes towards your tattoo session unless you choose to cancel. Please note that deposits for flashes and custom pieces cannot be transferred to another piece. 

Large tattoo deposits (full sleeve, full back, leg sleeve):

For each session booked, the deposit will be $100 (freehand/flash) or $200 (bespoke). For example, if a bespoke piece requires 3 sessions to complete, the deposit will be $600. The deposit covers all the time and effort put into booking and preparing for the appointment. See my FAQ for more information.

What if I change my mind about what I want?

If it is a freehand or flash piece, it is no problem. However, please let me know as soon as you make the decision that you would like to change your concept. Depending on what the new concept is, the quoted time will change accordingly. An additional session might be needed to complete the project.


If it is a bespoke piece, as long as the design process has not started, we can change concepts. However, if the design process has started and a major concept change is required, extra payment will be required to compensate for the time already spent on researching and designing the previous concept. See my FAQ for more information on changing ideas.

Re-scheduling a booking

If you choose to reschedule a tattoo, please give at least 48 hours notice otherwise you will need to pay another deposit.

Canceling a booking

If you cancel a booking, your deposit (administration fee) is non-refundable. For more information about canceled bookings and the options available, please see the tattoo FAQ page.

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