Books closed until further notice

Hourly Rate: 

$200/ hour - Custom tattoos and original flashes (single sale)

$175/ hour - Freehand tattoos and repeatable flashes 

This includes art design (a cost not seen upfront), two adjustments (see definition below), and two free touch-ups (does not expire). For example: If It takes 8 hours to design a piece and only 5 hours to tattoo it, you are only charged the tattoo hours (5 x 200= $1000). Your deposit will also be included in the total price. Usually, a more detailed piece will take longer to tattoo, see my tattoo FAQ page for more information.

Initial Deposit

In order to confirm a booking, an initial deposit equal to the first hours' rate is required unless the the tattoo is expected to take more than one session (see the paragraph below for information on large pieces). Deposits cover the administration fee, and booking fee for all my pieces and are therefore non-refundable. Your deposit goes towards the first hour of your tattoo session unless you choose to cancel. Please note that deposits for flashes and custom pieces cannot be transferred to another piece. 

Large tattoo deposits (full sleeve, full back, leg sleeve):

For multi session projects, deposits are 50% of the tattoo’s lowest estimated value since I take on additional business risk in the form of lost income. This is because last minute cancellations for multi-session full-day projects are nearly impossible to fill in time (Yes, I have had no shows for full 8 hour tattoos). For example: If you requested a full sleeve the estimated time to complete a full sleeve is 3 to 5 sessions (6-8 hours each), in this case, the deposit would cover the first 2-3 sessions and you would only pay the remaining time that was required to complete the piece. Large pieces like this can have an initial time investment of up to 40 hours for just the design which is why I require more upfront.


You can only refund the deposit for multi session pieces if I have not started the design yet. This refund doesn't include the administration fee which is still non-refundable.

Adjustment definition

A minor change to an element such as the size of a leaf, placement of certain elements, minor detail corrections or changes, and shading. If you request an adjustment that requires a piece be entirely reworked or that requires new art, you are subject to additional charges as this will not be considered an adjustment but rather a new piece entirely.

What if I change my mind about what I want?

Deposits are non-refundable except for pieces larger than 6 x 6 where the deposit includes more than the administration fee (if the art has not been started). Please make sure you know what you want before proceeding with booking a tattoo. If you change your mind after booking (for example: wanting a different concept with new art), you will need to put down a new deposit because the request is a new piece.

Re-scheduling a booking

If you choose to reschedule a tattoo, please give at least 48 hours notice otherwise you will need to pay another deposit.

Canceling a booking

If you cancel a booking, your deposit (administration fee) is non-refundable. For more information about canceled bookings and the options available, please see the tattoo FAQ page.

My books are full and closed until further notice

Custom tattoo - fully booked
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