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Getting a tattoo is a big decision and like any big decision, tattoos comes with a lot of questions. Sometimes an artist/client relationship lasts a lifetime. Your tattoo certainly does! So the last thing I want is any negativity involved in your tattoo experience.  See the FAQ section below for answers to some of the more frequent questions. If you still have questions email me at


Please review the questions below before sending a tattoo inquiry. Please note that if you choose to send an inquiry, a response can take up to 5 business days.

  • How much does a tattoo cost?
    The cost can vary and honestly depends on the details, subject matter, and size. All tattoo inquiries are quoted before being charged. Bespoke tattoo: $300/hr - Includes a digital copy of the art (not for resale). - Up to 30 minute zoom call before starting the art. - Unlimited edits leading up to 72 hours before your appointment. - Limited availability (1 bespoke tattoo a month). Freehand tattoo: $230/hr - Art is done on the skin with surgical markers. - Change the design in real-time, make things larger, smaller, move them. - Designed on the body and guaranteed to fit your body type. Flash tattoo: $200/hr for all of my flash designs. In some cases I will also sell Flash designs at a fixed rate. Please inquire for prices.
  • How much is the deposit? Is it refundable? Is it able to be transferred to another project if I change my mind?
    The deposit required to book projects are as follows: - For all bespoke pieces the deposit is $200 per session. - For all freehand pieces the deposit is $100 per session. - For all flash's the deposit is $100 per session. - For pieces that require multi sessions multiple deposits are required (to prevent no shows). All deposits go towards the total cost of the tattoo. If it is a freehand or flash piece, changing the project concept is no problem. But please let me know as soon as you make the decision that you would like to change your concept. However, depending on what the new concept is, the quoted time will change accordingly. An additional session might be needed to complete the project. If it is a bespoke piece, as long as the design process has not started, we can change concepts. However, if the design process has started and a major concept change is required, extra payment will be required to compensate for the time already spent on researching and designing the previous concept. That being said, for the sake of saving both of our time (and money), please know what you want before committing to a bespoke project.
  • What does a session include?
    A session includes the time needed for stencil fitting (bespoke or flash sessions) or freehand stencil drawing (freehand sessions) as well as the tattoo running time. The stenciling/drawing time can generally take somewhere between 10-30 minutes. This process is important because it ensures that the design will perfectly fit to each unique body. The session will be paused for any snack or washroom breaks (you won't be charged). It is possible that extra sessions might be needed for projects that require a more elaborate stenciling process or for people who have low pain tolerance and cannot endure longer session (for large projects).
  • What if I want to try the stencil on before I commit to a tattoo and come back another to get the actual tattoo?
    I do offer stencil tryout sessions for all my sessions at a rate of $100/hour ($100 minimum). If it gives you peace of mind to try the stencil on first, this would be a great option. For stencil tryout sessions for freehand projects, I would design and draw the stencil on you during the session to solidify the most optimal size and placement.
  • How do I book an appointment with you?
    I currently only take bookings via my booking forms or Instagram in the event that someone cancels their appointment (I will provide instructions). Once you fill out the booking form, I will contact you within two business' days. Once I have made contact with you, I may ask for additional information. Please note that it is extremely helpful to include a picture of the area of you skin you would like to have tattooed. This will make it easier for me to design a piece based on the shape of your body parts and I can provide a more accurate quote.
  • How does it work with consultation and the design process? Can I book a time to see you before my tattoo day to chat?
    All bespoke tattoos include a 30 minute zoom video call where we can talk about your design in detail. I will also provide multiple versions and we can make revisions as needed leading up to your appointment. For Flash projects the design is already provided and we can adjust the size the day of the appointment. For freehand projects, we will work together the day of your appointment as I draw the stencil directly on your body while listening to your story.
  • I want to cancel a tattoo, what are my options?
    Sorry that we won’t be seeing you at this time! As stated in multiple areas throughout the booking page, all deposits are non-refundable. This is because the deposit goes towards the cost of labor and supplies to set up and hold a session spot. Believe or not, the whole administration part of booking somebody before they even walk in to get a tattoo takes a huge amount of planning, time, effort, and money to maintain. If you experience an incident that is completely out of your control that prevents you from getting a tattoo for a long time, we can put your deposit on file and transfer your appointment to anytime in the future. If you have health issues that prevent you from getting a tattoo all together please email me first at Additionally, please feel free to transfer that deposit to a friend or family member who might want to get a tattoo from us and we will honor that.
  • What if I need to reschedule my appointment?
    If you choose to reschedule your appointment, please give at least 48 hours notice otherwise you will need to pay another deposit.
  • What if I change my mind about the tattoo after I have shown up at the appointment?
    It is understandable that getting a tattoo can be both exciting and daunting. However, when an independent artist/service provider does not complete a booked project, they will not be paid for the day or multiple days that the project was booked. For this reason, the first hour will be charged at the rate when the appointment was initially quoted in the case of the client changing their at the very last minute at the session. This is to cover some of the lost time, cost, and effort from the artist to accommodate the client.
  • What happens to no-show and late appointments?
    For all no-show appointments, the deposit paid for the session(s) no-showed will be forfeited. Another deposit will be required for booking any make-up sessions. For repeat offenders, we may have to put the client on a blocklist and no longer accept projects from the client. A tattoo artist is only paid when they are tattooing and have a limited amount of time in their schedule. It is extremely disrespectful to waste any artists time since they are not paid a salary. If you’ll be about 15-minute late, please let me know through email. If you will be 30-minute late, you will be subject to additional charges. If you are more than 45-minutes late, unless you are the only client of the day, we will have to reschedule you to a different day and another deposit will be required.
  • What if I no-showed on my touch up session?
    Any no shows for touch ups are required to pay $50 in order to book another touchup. This is to cover the artists lost time due to the no show.
  • How should I prepare my skin before my appointment?
    Please moisturize your skin constantly for a couple weeks prior to your appointment. Additionally, shaving the area where the tattoo will be placed will speed up the appointment.
  • What kind of tattoos do you do?
    I work with a variety of different tattoos styles that include fine line, illustrative, brushwork, and watercolor in both black&grey and color. I specialize in portraying any botanicals, nature, and abstract subject matters. That being said, here are the type(s) of tattoos I do not do: Any tattoo that is smaller than 1 inch. Any language myself or my client does not speak. I speak fluent English and Mandarin. Specific cultural subject matters that are not of my own or my client’s. I was born and raised in China. For example, let’s say if I was presented with a concept of a kitsune mask (of Japanese culture). If my client is European, I personally will not tattoo a kitsune mask on them. However, if my client is Japanese, with their guidance, I will try my best to make their vision of a kitsune mask come true. Anything that is hurtful or insulting.
  • What ink do I use?
    I use inks from the following brands which are all vegan: Intenze Extreme Kuro Sumi Silverback Dynamic For more information on each brand, please go to your official site by googling the brand name.
  • Do you do white tattoos?
    I occasionally use white ink for highlights of my black and grey or colour tattoos. However, I do not accept projects with just white ink. This is because white ink alone does not heal nearly as well as tattoos done in other colour inks.
  • Do you do finger tattoos?
    I do accept finger projects with less details. However, please note that all finger tattoos require at least 1 touch up if not more. The skin on the fingers is a lot more uneven than other areas of the body. We also use our hands very often. These reasons would very likely cause the finger tattoos to fade over time. For this reason, I have to tattoo at the maximum skim depth which does not allow me to put in a lot of details in the design.
  • What is a freehand tattoo?
    A freehand tattoo does not have any pre-session design unlike the bespoke process. For freehand tattoos, all drawing is done directly on the skin with a surgical marker. The marker drawing will be a rough guide for the actual tattoo. Freehand is for people who would like a custom free-flowing piece that perfectly complements their bodies and want to edit things on the fly. If you have questions about freehand tattoos, message me on Instagram ! The freehand method is perfect for subjects such as botanicals and animals in general that do not require to look a certain way. For example, a large zoomed in image of a pet would not be suited for a freehand project because I would want to make sure to differentiate it from other similar pets (specific markings, shades, and personality).
  • Why does my healed tattoo look lighter and less crisp than when my tattoo was freshly done?
    Tattooing is a process of manually putting ink into skin, which is an organic, ever-evolving organ. The result can be vary for different people and even body parts. This means that how each person's body takes and reacts to tattoo ink can be different. In my experience, the freshly made tattoos in most cases would look darker, crisper, and more vibrant than their healed state. This is because the skin is open, red, and inflamed in a fresh tattoo, making the piece seem dark. Once a tattoo is healing, the body would try to break down and metabolize the ink while the epidermis would be growing back. Over time, the tattoo would visually resemble an aged art piece filtered through a piece of skin-coloured tainted glass. I take advantage of this effect to create pieces of artwork that would feel alive and be a part of one's aura. For most of my work, I prefer working more conservatively with heavy markings in the beginning to see how the body heals the ink. If needed, darkening can be done at a later time. This is because a tattoo can always be darkened but it is impossible to reverse a dark tattoo.
  • What if I need a touchup?
    No worries! I offer two complementary touch up sessions with no time limit (for life). Just email me at ( I will offer some times I have available for the touchup. Having said this, it is still extremely important that the tattoo is well cared for because the fine details in my tattoos are more delicate and more prone to fallouts if not taken care of.
  • Do you have Wifi in the studio?
    Unfortunately no. I am looking into getting reliable internet.
  • Can I bring a friend with me?
    Yes, but please limit to just one friend. Please do not bring children between 2-10 years old as there is too many potential hazards in the studio such as sharp tools.
  • Where are you located?
    I am located in downtown Vancouver near Gastown. The specific location is provided once you book an appointment.
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